Fashion Post: Goddess-sy

Hello there!

How’s everybody? This is actually my personal blog but since I got inspired, I turned it to a fashion blog so starting now I’m gonna be posting outfits that I usually wear out.

So since it’s Masskara Festival here in Bacolod City I wasn’t able to complete my weekly routine which is to buy clothes,accesories, a pair of shoes or whatever fits my budget and what comes first to my mind during Fridays. I didn’t have the time because I was too busy going out with friends and family. Anyways, let’s do this! I named this post “goddess-sy” because what I’m wearing here is a “flowy” skirt and these are statements of goddesses. Right? 😀 Okay. I know. hahaha. Now here is what I wore.


It’s Sunday and I was at the church for the whole day, SoI usually shoot when I get home. That’s why I really need to use flash and no natural lighting 😐 But I think It turned out good. Don’t you think? hihi. 🙂 Credits to my lovely sister for the shots.


Black Wedges! I just got these babies today! I was eyeing and looking for these the whole time (I actually ran on these before but didn’t think I want it, but now it’s a must have for me!) I saw this at the thrift store where I also go to church and thought I am really blessed today cause they have my size! :))))))) 


Black Satchel from Parisian Bags and Swatch Watch.


Chiffon Mullet Skirt.


Brass Collar Necklace and my close-up face 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading guys. See you in my posts to come.


Shannen ???


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