Fashion Post: Electric

Hello there!

During the first week of October  my church friend celebrated her 18th Birthday. It was all in a rush because it was a surprise evening party for her and they got to inform me the night before her party and we were told to wear cocktail dresses. So the first thing that came to my mind was… What am I going to wear?! 🙂


Here is what I wore: A mini fuchsia cocktail dress that I also used in my other friends’ birthday party and fuchsia wedges which I think fitted the most for this outfit. I’m miss matchy.  hihi 😀


The look that i’m going for here is a simple, feminine yet having that striking theme. Well, I didn’t want to show most of my skin so I topped it with a lacey cardigan. I believe that less is more.


The lacey cardigan served one of it’s purposes,and that’s for me not to feel cold 🙂 (just because it’s an evening party and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable since the dress is already short)


I also paired it with a pink clutch bag that was a present for me. I didn’t have too much accesories because it would be too much and I don’t want to look fancy so I opt for silver, a ring and a pair of studded earrings.


For a change, I decided to tie my hair because if I let it down, I would look much shorter. I think? hahaha.

So, any opinions about this look? feel free to comment! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading guys. See you in my posts to come.




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