Fashion Post: Rays of the Sun

Hello there!

I really like shooting when the sun is about to set. It’s just that everything is so vibrant, bright and so colorful, and you don’t feel the sun’s heat touching your skin. It’s the time of the day where I feel happy. (if that’s how you feel too 😀 and it’s also my favorite time to shoot because you have the ”natural light cooperating”)

So one Sunday afternoon, we took advantage of the sun setting and decided to take a few pictures.


This is what I lve.


I built my outfit around the pink belt and wedges. I noticed that these past few weeks I keep buying stuffs with this color, I don’t know why? O_O


I like investing on wedges because they are so comfortable and light. I could wear them all day!


My outfit composed of dark blue, fuchsia, white and black.


Everything comes in handy when theres natural lighting. No more bonggang edits 😀


Hope you enjoyed reading guys, see you in my posts to come.




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