Fashion Post: Flower All-Over

Hello there!

How’s everybody!

So as you all know I go to church every Sunday and yesterday I and my youth churchmates had a little “outing” shall I say, just around the city. First stop, we went to Lagoon it’s just a few distance from our church so we walked all the way there. While we were walking…. we took a few shots! Of course! 🙂 The sun was shining brightly so it would be a waste not to take a few pictures…hihi.


The scenery around is just wonderful. Mostly green and nature surrounding me. That’s why I love my city 🙂


and I think my outfit perfectly fitted the scenery too!

I love my floral pants which I bought from here and my cream lacey/floral cardigan which is also featured on my other post.


So we were multitasking.  Walking while taking a few pictures! 🙂


A hair shot which I think is……… ugly. HAHAHA.


and this one is candid.


The inner color that I used is black so it would give contrast to and boost my pants.

Here’s a tip: If you want your floral prints to have a strong effect on the eye, make sure to pair it with a plain black or white top or bottom because the eye would only focus on the florals which makes your look colorful and interesting.


For my accessories, I just matched it with what colors my clothes has. A few bangles here, a gold necklace,a white belt, a black watch and bag.

Unfortunately, we only took a few shots because we had no time 😐 But it’s okay! Thank God for a very fun bonding with my church friends :))))

Hope you enjoyed reading guys!

See you in my posts to come.




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