Fashion Post: Red & Florals

Hi there!

How’s everybody? It’s been two weeks since I last posted an outfit in my blog. Didn’t have the chance last week because my camera wasn’t available for use. hihi. Anyway! Here is what I wore last Sunday 🙂


Hi guys! This is me. A very random thought. Pardon me for my weirdness :p

Okay! Let’s go back to the post now.


(PLEASE, do not mind my cracked & ugly nail polish. hahaha. It’s just that sometimes i’m too lazy too remove it.)


I built the color combination around the floral top. And that explains the shade of my lipstick and the color of the bag.


The mini floral dress worn as top, dream catcher necklace & bag were just given to me. God never fails to bless me with such pretty things. Thanks God! :”)


I just paired it with black leggings and my favorite pair of wedges…and I’m good to go!


I love how feminine this dress looks.




I had less accesories because the dress already has prints on and I want it to look as simple as pssible.


Good thing it stopped raining, the weather cooperated! YAY! 🙂

Hope you continue reading my future posts.

God Bless You!


Shannen ???


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