Fashion Post: Bold & Experimental


How are you? What are you all up to?

I’m so stoked for this new post that i’m gonna write. You know why? Because I haven’t wrote for three weeks! and three weeks means FOREVER. It’s quite sad you know. Yes, that’s how I felt. But now I’M BACK! 😀

I named this post Bold & Experimental because of the colors and prints. I’m really loving the colors mustard yellow, fuchsia & violet these days. They’re so bright and look like candies. So hard to resist! hihi.

Anyway, here is what I wore. ( I’m flooding you with my photos because that’s how much I missed them.)


I so adoooore this floral dress which I bought on a sale. I love it when it’s sale! hahaha 😀

I paired it with a white belt with a gold accent just to match it with my other accessories.

Me & my dreamy pose.

These shoes! that I bought just last Friday. It’s my first pair of platforms ever. (Because in choosing the shoes to buy, i’d always go for wedges and pumps and all that but now I know that it’s not bad at all)
The good thing here is, it added 4 inches to my height. 😀
Been exploring different poses lately. hihi. I don’ wanna look stiff in my photos all the time.

Most of the things I wore here, I bought anywhere. No specific labels 🙂

Bag from Secosana
Don’t you just love the how the femininity stood out? Experimenting in bold colors is not a bad thing but somehow, it must connect also.
Well, That’s all folks! It’s rest time for me now.
I sure hope you like this post.
Feel free to comment below!
God bless you!
Shannen ✿

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