Fashion Post: Minimalist

HELLO! How’s everyone doing for the holidays? 🙂

Well, I am very much enjoying it with my holiday outfit! hohoho.

I’m pretty sure most of us are busy preparing outfits and getting all dolled up for the Christmas parties and events were all going to attend to. But as for me, i’d like to make it as stress less and hassle-free as possible. Hence, the title of this post Minimalist.

The theme for this outfit is blue and gold. Gold because, it’s such a “holiday-ish” color and it’s so glamorous and at the same time elegant. I’m sure most of us are going to choose red for a dress or top for our outfits but I like something which is somehow against the current and that is the reason why I chose blue.


I wore this outfit in our church christmas party and I was assigned to be the photographer for that day. Being the one who takes most of the pictures means always having to run around just to capture the special moments. And it was worth it! wearing this outfit really did not dismay me in any way or another 🙂


The dress is from one of my favorite boutiques.


I just curled the ends of my hair that day, so I could change my usual do that is straight. 


Shoes from So! Fab


Thanks to my dad 😀


For my accessories, I just bought this necklace with a white and gold accent so it would match. I also paired it with a white watch and gold bracelets. ( too bad we forgot to take a picture of it lol)


One thing I learned in choosing what to wear is to choose what color, theme, pattern or shoes. you want to stand out or give the spotlight first. In this outfit, I based it all on my shoes. I thought black, green, red, orange and all that would match with gold. But so it contrasts, I chose coral blue. What do you think? 🙂

So that’s all for now. I’m wishing you all the best this Christmas. Let’s all remember that the materials things, gifts, money is just part of this season but let’s not forget that Jesus Christ is still the reason why we celebrate this season.

May you have a joyful and meaningful Christmas guys!

Thank you all for taking time to read despite of your busy schedule.


God bless you!

Let me know what you think, just comment below. ‘Til my next post!


Shannen ♥


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