Fashion Post: Plain-Vanilla

Ola! How’s everyone doing? 🙂

Let’s start this with a post shall we?

I had a fresh and smooth start for 2013. Fresh because I stayed most of the time at home. haha. Literally! and smooth because nothing really came up, I mean I didn’t do schoolworks and other stuffs. Which was a good thing! Right? I’ve savored too much precious time, but that’s okay! It’s just once a year anyway. But the BIG question here is… Why do all good things come to an end?


Maybe so we won’t take it for granted. hihihi.

Anyway, Plain-Vanilla also stands for simplicity and that’s what I named this post. I want my first post for 2013 to be simple yet decent. haha. (as if I’ve worn something “not decent”).

I call this shoot “Quick stop”  because after I had church today, my parents picked me up then we stopped over the gate of our subdivision. They had to wait for a client to go in and because I still have to look for a nice location, I decided to just shoot there. Right away! It’s multi-tasking too you know. hahaha.


In my previous post, I mentioned about how I love the afternoon light. I still love it now even though it directly struck my face and how these photos were over exposed. hahaha.


I love how the foliage becomes luscious too! see how the light makes everything fresh. (for me. hehe)


I don’t know why i’m into cream and color beige nowadays. I’d always go for neutral all the time.

and I curled my hair once again. No shampoo just conditioner to keep it moistured for four days. But it still goes back to straight. Oh precious hair, how good art thou.
The Black Leather Leggings was a gift for me 🙂
Parisian Bag
So Fab Heel Less Shoes
For my accessories, I went for a white watch and gold bracelets again 🙂
Well, That’s all for now 🙂
Thanks for reading guys! I hope you like it!
‘Til my next post!
God bless you! and have a prosperous 2013!
Shannen ???

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