Fashion Post: Lady in Black

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry for myself (LOL) for not blogging consistently nowadays. It’s because my camera got broken and I had to let someone fix it. But thank God! It’s fixed now. It’s better and stronger than ever! I promise never again will I take it for granted and handle it carelessly. hihi.

Anyway, I’m so back to business! And here is what I wore yesterday 🙂

I’ve seem to be been into LBD’s or Little Black Dresses now. They’re so chic yet sophisticated.I mean if you are having a hard time and lack time as well looking for a dress for an event. This might well fit you. You could never go wrong with black. It’s always so classy.



What I really love about this dress are the details. I love how it is lacey, floral and long sleeved as well. I don’t really wear long sleeves on a bright and sunny day. You know the weather here in the Philippines right? Tropical! Lol. But since I was indoors that day, the sleeves weren’t a problem at all.


I love how the tutu skirt matched with the top too! Tutu skirts always remind me of ballet. Don’t they? 🙂


I had quite a hard time posing in this shoot because of the strong wind. It was pushing my skirt in different directions the whole time! Good thing I managed to make it look like it added effect to the photos. Phew!


And for my face: I wore my usual make-up that day. Oh! and say hello to my new contact lenses too! It’s new arrival! LOL. I’m back to wearing lenses again since I sort of missed them.  And because I regret throwing all the others I had two years ago. huhu. Why did I even do that.


And for the accessories: I opted for a black floral ring. I didn’t want any other on top of the dress.Image


Hand Bag from Nine West


Strappy Heels from So! Fab


Thanks for reading everyone!

Have a blessed day!

God bless!


Shannen ❤


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