Fashion Post: Life In Blue

Hello Everyone!


Time was moving way too fast, my blog was not able to catch up. Sad thing. There was just too many things going on with my life. Too many to mention. Ugh. But hello!!! I’m back with this exaggerated outfit. Hohoho

So two Fridays ago, I got invited to Camella Bacolod’s Annual Awards, where the theme was Masquerade and of course we brought our masks along but I didn’t wear them here. In this event, they give special recognition to those people who got the highest sales for the year. And congratulations to my parents who bagged 2nd place. This is one side where my life’s circles revolve.

Anyway, here is what I wore for the event.


The said event was announced three days before. We went around town looking for gowns right after it was announced but because it’s “Prom Season”, most of the good ones were already rented out. I was also a bit tired that time because I spent the WHOLE day walking, so I was in no mood for gown fittings. So I sat down at the corner waiting for the others to finish. Then the seamstress came and told me about this gown and went to get it. When she came back,she told me that it was still soaking wet. She asked me if it’s okay with me if i’d fit it. And so I did! haaaa. Yeah, the cold, soaking gown didn’t matter. I tried it on, it fitted me perfectly, and so I said.. “Okay, I’ll get this”.


The design in the front of this gown is the best part. It has silver details on the collar and on the belt as well which makes it exquisite.


Don’t you just love the detail at the back of this dress? It’s see through but not too revealing.ImageImage

It’s a long back gown so I just let it flow with the wind. hihi 🙂


Silver heels from GibiImage


This is the only close-up shot I had because I was too occupied with whole-body shots. hihi.Image

Hair & make-up by me 🙂

So what do you think about my outfit? Feel free to comment below.

Til’ my next post!




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