Life Diaries: Celebrating My 20th

Can you guess how YOUNG I look?


Can you BELIEVE that I am already a 20 yr. old kiddo?

If not, I think you should check if you still have a 20/20 vision.

If yes, well thank you! I am very flattered. HAHAHA 🙂

Anyway, I turned 20 last March 8 and in this post I’m gonna tell you about what happened.

So my mom woke me up early that day with a birthday greeting and a hug. She told me to dress up because we were going to have breakky outside. What a super amazing way to start the day!

First stop, Breakfast at Business Inn with my parents 🙂



My parents.



Then, I had Lunch at Bob’s with my closest friends. 




This is real, this is me holding a birthday gift 🙂


Two of my besties 🙂



After a few picture taking. We went straight to school to attend the Recognition Ceremony.


Thank God for this! Even though I know that I’m too laid-back in school, I still achieve something. hahaha.


Me & Roxanne.

After the Recognition, I went home. Then later that night me, my sister & dad went out to watch the movie Oz: The Great & Powerful .

I really enjoyed spending my birthday with the people closest to me. And now that I’m 20 I pray that I’ll be able to enjoy more  by doing the things that I love like traveling, and learning more about the fashion world of course. Cheers for more years of success! 😀


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