Fashion Post x Life Diaries: An Unexpected Shoot

Hello Everyone!

I’m just going to share to you these photos that were taken last February. They were buried in my memory that I only remembered now and decided to blog it. Okay… What?

 As far as I can remember, this day was a holiday. We have nothing to do so we went out with our parents. And fortunately! They went to this hotel that was near the port. And another… Fortunately! we brought our camera along. Which means….On the spot photoshoot! Mehehe. 🙂

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This is my sister 🙂 The one responsible for taking all my photos. Really. ALL.DSC_2968

This is my favorite photo so far, I love the light and everything in it.

Maybe this would pass as outfit shots but I wouldn’t call it one, because… it’s not obvious. HAHAHA. Seriously, I look so unprepared in these shots and the wind! Splashing in my face making my hair so…sooooo. (as you can see in the photo above)

My sister was more prepared for this day… she wore a blue dress which fitted  perfectly for the scene.DSC_2985

These are shots I took of her. DSC_2946


Behind us here is a boat. I don’t what it’s for.. Maybe for containers or something? 🙂DSC_2955



Top from Kosas | White shorts from Juicy Couture | High Cut Sneakers from Vans 

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One thought on “Fashion Post x Life Diaries: An Unexpected Shoot

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