Fashion Post: Color Me Magenta


How’s it going?

I will be going to write a lot of posts these days because there’s already a lot of photos  in my queue waiting to be published 🙂

I so missed my blog since there was really so much things that happened to my life these past weeks. First thing was, I got hospitalized. How cruel is that?>.< I experienced this really bad vertigo and vomited a couple of times. The doctor told me that stress was the major factor that led to the hospitalization. I was like “WHUT?”. I thought everything was okay but  I didn’t realize I was slowly abusing myself. Maybe it was because of the activities I was involved in and the unhealthy routine I do everyday like having too much caffeine, not drinking a lot of water, lack of sleep and junk food in my system. UGH. I guess what they say about, too much of everything is bad? Is true.

Anyway! This was a shoot we did a week before I got to the hospital. Hihi.


As I learn to grow and evolve in the fashion world, I also somehow seem to know what I really like. I’m beginning to understand myself. I think when it comes to fashion, the femininity in me really comes out. I love everything with laces, floral, pastels and the like.


And for this post, I wore a  Peplum Lace top. DSC_4796

The seams are magenta so I just paired it with navy blue pants. I think they go well together. Do you think too? 🙂 DSC_4812

Then I finished it off with a pair of violet pumps, a few accesories and I’m good to go!

How do you like this post?  Feel free to comment below 🙂


Shannen ❤


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