Fashion Post: I ❤ LACE

Hey everyone.

I kind of told you I was gonna post a lot these days and did not, because our internet sucks. What’s with all these networks and their connections?

Anyway… Enough complaining. I just have to be thankful it’s here now. I just gotta grab every bit of opportunity to write. So, let’s go to my outfit now 🙂

I just have so much love for everything with laces and I don’t know why. It’s just that every time I see laces, I get attracted to them. I get that nostalgic feeling. (Oh DIBA?) Maybe because  my mom always dressed me with laces when I was young all the time (That’s what she told me eh)



DSC_4940The blue and white stripes complements the skirt too. This combination reminds me of  sailor outfits? Right?






I chose to pair it with a white bag and accessories,


and a pair of silver/glittery/metallic blue stilettos too! 🙂DSC_4962

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Shannen ❤


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