Fashion Post: Floral Love

OMG! I almost forgot to post these pictures! hihi.

I just wanna share with you guys my love for everything floral. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it somehow, but if  you didn’t… then it’s fine 🙂


It’s my first time to wear floral leggings and it’s beginning to hold a tight grip on me. A pair of leggings on a casual day out is actually my thing. But this time, with floral prints on? It’s DOUBLE LOVE with hearty hearts. hahaha. ❤❤❤




I like to wear leggings because it’s so comfy. You can wear it the whole day without having that sticky feeling like that when you wear a pair of jeans. Not so much of an “anti-jeans-type -of-person” but trust me, it really does feel light wearing leggings and it’s stylish too!




This time, I paired it with a tan or “whatever you call it” 3/4 sleeved top and my dashing heel less open toe shoesies 🙂


Shoes from So! Fab


How do you like this post?

Feel free to comment 🙂

God bless!


Shannen ❤


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