Fashion Post: Little White Dress

Hey everyone!

Today is a non-working holiday! So it’s blogging time for me! since I have no work and class. (but I really should be studying right now because I have exams tomorrow HAHA -_-)

Anyway, I super love this Classic White Dress that my ninang gave me weeks ago. I love it because of the way it fitted my petite bod. It’s not too short, long or too sexy, it’s just right.

The thing about whites is that you have unlimited choices when it comes to accessorizing, as for my choice, I  went for the most common color you can ever pair with white, black.  Sometimes we have to tone down with colors too you know 😀









What do you think about this look?

Leave a comment below.


Shannen ❤


4 thoughts on “Fashion Post: Little White Dress

  1. love how simple but sophisticated this outfit is. its just a shame that you don’t get to see its true nature, as the photos are done at night. but still you look pretty.
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