Would you guys believe that my blog has already turned a year old today? Yes? No? Me neither.

Thanks to Photoshop! since I was deleting some of my files because it warned me about running low on disk space and so I browsed through my photos last  2012 and remembered that it was that  time on September that I started writing my first post. (It wasn’t really the time that I started blogging because I already blogged  a few years back.) Last year at this month was the time I made blogging as a passion,hobby, art and all that stuff. 🙂

I am really just thankful to God for showering me with so much blessings continually, that writing, spending time and thinking on inspirations for outfits was just easy for me. Well you know what they say… Do what you love and love what you do. For a lot of times I keep asking myself why I blog which I am not certain of the answer but one thing is for sure. I express myself through my blog not to brag but to express what inspires me.

Praying that if it’s God’s will then this blog will continue on and be an inspiration to other people through what I write. Expect me this month at this time next year!  Thank you for the support. Til my next post!


Shannen V. ❤_❤



*These are my photos from Jan-August 2013*


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