Fashion Post: Wearing Horseshoes

Hey everyone!

My outfit in this post might just have the brightest color i’ll ever be wearing, Orange. It is, I think the first time I’ve ever worn orange on orange with a mix of black. And I don’t ever think i’ll be able to pull off the orange on orange thing. NOOOOO! haha. It’s just not me. 🙂

I love wearing bright colors even though it’s not summer and the weather here in my country is bipolar. One minute the sun is strikingly hot the next, it rains very hard -_- So a lot of times whenever I decide on what to wear, I always look at the clouds to see if it’s gloomy or not.  HAHA. Anyway, I hope you like this outfit.


DSC_6429It was a bit windy that day, which explains the single strands of hair on my face 😀







DSC_6421Top from Crissa | Shoes from So! Fab

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Shannen ♥


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