Fashion Post: Salmon Pink Dress

I sooooo love! this dress from Japan that my mom’s friend gave her and handed it over to me. I love dresses in this style because I seldom see a dress in this fabric which has long sleeves. I mostly see the sleeveless ones. Or is it just me? 🙂

I also love it because of it’s color, Salmon Pink. I think this color is trending. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll notice that lately I’ve  been wearing bright colored clothes. And this one is surely an addition to my collection! 🙂



Well, I hope you noticed my background, Isn’t it lovely? Bright yellow colored pillars? hihi.  Every time we shoot ( I mean me & my sister) we always think of the LOCATION. And this is one of the places we’ve always wanted to shoot our outfits so we went here on purpose! 🙂

The only sad part is,  it got so dark and gloomy just 5 mins. when we got here so we did not really get the chance to abuse the place? HAHA 😀 but it’s okay, we can always come back if we have the time.  ( It’s just 10 mins. away from our home anyway)




DSC_6458I paired this dress with my gold heel less shoesies because I wanted it to look subtle and added a few accessories. I think Salmon Pink is the color which is one of the hardest for me to pair shoes with because you have limited choices and you don’t want to look tacky pairing it with another contrasting color. Right? Anyway, I hope you like this outfit. 🙂

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Shannen ♥


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