Fashion Post: Denim Survival


Hey everyone!

How have you been?

I’m really busy these past few days because of school. It’s my last regular semester and things are a whirlwind! With my school undergoing a huge transition, a new set of competitive teachers,  cramming on different subjects. No one warned me about school twisting you upside down before you can finally graduate. Like, do I really have to go through an eye of a needle?  Phew! I thank God it’s my last. I feel like a bow, being pulled, about to shoot and hit the target. Also, today was day 1 of our 3-day Diagnostic Tests. They gave it to us to see how far we’ve learned. Soooo… here I am blogging instead of studying! hahaha. Enough of the stress already! 😀

Now, here is a look I wore about two weeks ago. Denims! 🙂

DSC_8537 DSC_8541

These are style staples that may fade away  from time to time but never truly disappears.  DSC_8533 DSC_8542 DSC_8529

I put on a cap to make it more ragged but also wore my sparkling blue stilettos to keep the femininity. On applying this principle in real life, it’s good to keep things balanced. Like what I’ve told you earlier, we have to balance things between school and our personal life. If we are able to do this, then we eliminate unnecessary activities. Agree? So I’ll tell you a few tips on  how to survive college. Keep scrolling 🙂DSC_8548 DSC_8534

DSC_8554 DSC_8556

Tips on how to survive college (and life!…I have to apply these on myself too :D)

1. Know your priorities. – Writing them one by one is better.

2. Stop procrastinating. – Do what you can do today so you won’t have to worry about the deadlines.

3. Be disciplined – Weigh the things that you have to do. The more important, the more urgent. Like choosing between Facebook and doing a requirement.

4. Don’t compromise.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy life and thank the Lord 🙂

So what do you think? Tell me more 🙂

Leave me a comment below!


Shannen ❤


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