Fashion Post: Beige-ING

DSC_8763 DSC_8733 DSC_8720 DSC_8748 DSC_8761 DSC_8738Hey everyone!

Today marks the first and  official day of my holiday vacation! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! 😀 This is probably the best part of the year! Right? So to welcome the holiday season, I did things that benefited myself. LOL

 Like… oversleeping till 10 am today because my bed won’t let go of me. Just kidding! I savored every minute I stayed in bed because my  morning class has ended already. Don’t you just love that feeling? Sleeping ’til whenever you want to? And no alarm clocks disturbing you? I sort of loathe alarm clocks. HAHAHA.  Then PRODUCTIVITY came and sunk into mind out of nowhere. I was alone, so I decided to clean up the house, my room and my closet! It has been my yearly tradition to give away clothes that I don’t use already to make room for more clothes in my closet space and of course, just the act of it. Hihi.

And just because I am still feeling productivity I decided to blog an outfit post for ya! The story behind this top the time I bought it is, that I had a hard time choosing between this top and one dress. I fitted both of them but the way the dress fitted was perfect so that’s what I bought. I still kept on weighing this top in my mind by the time I went home.  But because of my eagerness… I went back for it the next day! The reason i went back for it is because of the big bow at the back. weee! It’s Christmas anyways! (My excuse for giving in to my sweet pleasures. hihi)


Shannen ❤


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