Last Blog Post for 2013

DSC_9429 DSC_9430 DSC_9415Hey everyone!

I’m presenting you my last post for 2013! Are you ready for the New Year? Time flies really really fast I remember exactly how I wrote my first blog post this year and then 2 days from now  it’s going to end again! Well I’m pretty sure we are all excited for what amazing things 2014 will bring.

I managed to squeeze in this blog post because this is what I wore to church earlier today. Something blue green, lacey and sequined.  And also since I already have things lined up for the next 2 days.  Like tomorrow, I’ll be out of town with my family and church people. It’s holidays for my blog too 😀 So how about you? How are you gonna spend your New Year’s?

Top – SM | Cardigan – Vintage


Shannen ❤


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