Fashion Post: A Teal Blue Mullet

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Hey everyone!

Here is another “senti” post that i’ll be sharing with you today. Well,  lately I’ve been… I’ve been losing sleep dreaming about the things… Just kidding! It’s not that. In fact I slept for 12 hrs straight last night. HA! It’s just some realization that I have been thinking about over and over again these past few days. It’s  MOVING ON ONE STEP CLOSER AT A TIME. You only have one body, one soul, and one mind and you can’t do everything at once. We have to allow ourselves to breathe sometimes, PAUSE… so that we don’t rush into things that we’re supposed to do. Yes, this life can only get busier as it can get. But if we don’t stop, then we could miss a lot of things also. You know the saying, You’ll miss the moon while counting the stars? and a verse in the Bible that says… There’s a time for everything?  These are the only ones I could think of right now. But I couldn’t agree more.

I probably am saying these things to myself right now. HAHAHA.  Because I want to do so much in life that I don’t know if everything I plan for myself is what the Lord’s will for me also. I believe that I must seek Him harder. Yes, that’s the key to unlocking the things he has planned very well for you.

Til’ my next post.




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