Fashion Post: Silver and Studs

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Hey everyone! I am back with a new post. It’s my not so busy day today so I squeezed in these raw photos of my OOTD from the other month. We shot these photos at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon thus the strong exposure. (Sorry not an expert in adjusting  the camera settings with the natural light here :p) But it came out okay, I think, because this batch is not edited. (Except for the watermark) Yaaay. As much as possible I don’t want to edit  the photos because I want it to look just natural 😀

Anyway,  I want to share with you a glimpse of what’s going on with my life right now:

1. I’m busy like cray cray.

2. I’m overwhelmed

I guess I can finally say that the name “Supershannen”  is applicable to what is happening in my life right now because these days, I’ve been practicing time management.  There’s a looooot of things that I’m balancing. But I’m not complaining because these are all blessings, favor, and opportunities from God. Everyday is a blessing for me and I’m thankful even for the smallest thing. I just want to acknowledge God for everything He has done, His ways are simply amazing. Next is,  I’m overwhelmed, with the people around me who give out their love unexpectedly. I kind of realized how God loves me by sending people who  celebrate me despite of the failures I have done in the past. I believe God is opening a new season for me. And I have so much to be grateful for. I’m finally free ❤


Shannen  ❤


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