Fashion Post: Keep Calm and Breathe

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Hello!!! 😀

It’s been so long.

But I am sooooo back with this outfit post that was taken last August but only got the time to post it now. (Sorry for that -___-) It’s just that the past 5 months of my life was like riding a roller coaster. I was in my highest and lowest point, I couldn’t give all the details but it was one helluva ride. HAHA. I’ve learned a lot of lessons and had new experiences, good and bad happy and sad.  But before it all gets hyped up again, I just want to keep calm and share with you this outfit we shot at a rest house in the mountains. I just looooove the mountains and everything nature-ey. It’s a refreshing breath of fresh air and the sound of leaves, it soothes the soul. Well, what else can beat that? I wish I could go back to that place again. It was windy that day so please don’t mind the awkward poses I have here. Hihi 😀 I was also in a rush that day so I took out what I could find in my closet, and voila! This outfit. It’s one of the comfiest that I’ve ever worn here on the blog and I think it’s perfect for a casual and chill day.

What do you think?

See you in my upcoming posts.


Shannen ♥


2 thoughts on “Fashion Post: Keep Calm and Breathe

  1. beautiful look and pictures! i love the mini floral pattern on the skirt and the necklace is so pretty ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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