Fashion Post: Blues Clues

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Hey lovies!

Just want to share with you this color combo that I wore  a few months ago. It’s silver and blue and it’s something new. (wrote it because it rhymes :D) New, because I’m about to enter a new chapter in my life and before the going gets tough, (the tough gets going!…I kid :D) I just want to take time to be grateful for every little and big thing that has happened, happening, and is going to happen in my life. Because without these, I would not be where I am now. Right now, I seem to cherish and appreciate more even the smallest details. And so I have learned to not always rush in to things for great things take time. I know that God is making all things work together for my good.  At this time, I have learned to breathe because that’s what we need sometimes; to fully grasp the strength we need to conquer the endeavors bestowed upon us everyday. I just thank God for family, loveys, friends, mentors that continually support and inspire me.

This is also new because these days I’m looking for something that will catch my eye, (when it comes to fashion of course). Maybe because I want to come out of my shell and go for the items that I really want. Like trying out new patterns, designs, textures and colors but staying true to my style and not just go with the trend. Hey! only dead fish go with the flow you know? Hihi. So do you have any suggestions on what I’ll be wearing next?

Give me a beep.




2 thoughts on “Fashion Post: Blues Clues

  1. Love your blog!

    I’ve recently started blogging at

    Will be very happy if i can have your feedback 🙂

    Trying to learn more through feedback in order to create a better blog for tomorrow!

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