Fashion Post: A Shade of Zaffre

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How have you been doing? It’s a rainy Saturday on a summer.  And I’m just here listening to Bethel while spontaneously writing this post.  These shots were taken last November and can you imagine how delayed my posts are? I just don’t want to make excuses anymore 😀  It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a new journal and only God knows the things I’ve been doing. I’m sure I’m heading to a greater plan that He has than I have for myself even though some things are still a little vague and unsure for me. Maybe all I need right now is a little time to cope with this life’s “constants” but I keep reminding myself to take one step at a time and not jump into a puddle, only to find out that it’s not gonna work for me. Do I even make sense. Lels. Well, everyday I keep hoping for the best things to come and I thank the Lord in advance 🙂

P.S. Who needs a workout when this top I’m wearing can contour the bod’s shape? I love it when that happens because your belly pounds are hidden right away. HAHAHA 😀

Well, I gotta go. Still have a 200 item test that’s waiting for me and that’s what I’m going to do for the rest of the day.

Thank you for reading! Keep the faith 🙂


Shannen ❤


One thought on “Fashion Post: A Shade of Zaffre

  1. A great top; nice style and the bright blue is great. The pants are always a great choice and those heels are spectacular! Almost look liquid in the pictures. 😉

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