Life x Travel Diaries: 2017 – YEAR OF MY FIRSTS 😜❤


Fast forward to exactly 8 months after my previous post, I find myself in the middle of the earth, staying in on a Thursday night in my room, Sunset Lover playing in the background and just beginning to write again. To those wondering what happened well it is a long story but to make it short I am now overseas chasing my dreams.(Well, what are my dreams?) which will also be the reason why there will be no OOTD shots in this post. because I have not taken any! LOL 😎

Well, we’re already on the 2nd half of 2017 which I can also call my Year of Breakthrough and I have soooooo many firsts this year but  I’m telling you the major ones.


1. Travel outside the country with the family. ❤✈👪 (which deserves a separate post)

It was heck of a fun, eye opening, tiring but a memorable trip! 1 life tip, make sure to at least travel with your family. Nothing beats the experience! Trust me, you will become even more closer, get to know and love them even more. It doesn’t have to be try hard and well planned just go with the flow, have fun, learn the culture, detoxify and renew your energy.  Make the most of the bond with your family because these are the things in life we need to treasure most. It can just be pocket friendly also. Now, Where to next, Fam?

2. Travel solo. 🌏🏰(which deserves a separate post, again)

Mixed emotions rushed through my veins knowing that I will be traveling alone. Well, you gotta have tons of courage and guts to do that. I didn’t know how I pulled that off knowing that I was not able to condition myself to go to a country where no one knows my name. (chos), not knowing where to go, not even the language. (My nose bled because of the language barrier, what is Hello in Russian again?)   All I knew is that I had plane tickets and a hotel. I stayed in Armenia for a week, it’s a pretty cool place to learn history. I really enjoyed my me time there eating Armenian food and going to unique places. Thank God I made it back safely. 😁

3. Currently LDR 👫

The boyfie was sh😲cked by the time he knew I was gonna stay. Sorrrry, even I didn’t know we were gonna end up miles away. But if you’re in a healthy relationship there’s just no room for negativity and anxiety to grow. I don’t really put weight on the term because when you’re together, you’re together. Faith, trust, loyalty are present virtues but when God is the foundation you have no doubts. (Kasi kung mahal mo, bakit mo sasaktan? HAHAHA jk) It’s just that I’ve gotten used to him being there most of the time. You take that away and you could just wish teleportation was real. Anyway, thanks to the boyfie for ALWAYS supporting every small or drastic life decisions I make even if it means compromise, even if it means distance. Just know that your effort is appreciated. And, This won’t be long, right? 😉

4. Experience SNOOOW 🗻❄⛄

The hot weather where I am now makes me dream of the majestic snowy alps of Armenia once again. I miss the cold. Ugh. And the snow? it did not disappoint at all. It’s just like the movies. Speaking of which, We had a dog named Snow, I miss her too.

5. Living Independently 👧

Aaaaaaaaaah, the most undeniably, realest thing happening in my life right now. It is my first time to be away from home and everyone I know, cook for myself, talk to a stranger, enjoy solo rides, do laundry and groceries, make friends with other nationalities, explore hidden cafe spots.  And all these experiences helped me to get to know myself even more and what I want that sometimes I feel like actually living up to my blog’s name. It’s true what they say to live outside your comfort zone, easy to say hard to do. Because being outside your bubble is not glorious most of the time, so you strive, you grow, you learn and you prioritize and take care of yourself, and depend on God. At this time, I am still a bit uneasy but I know things will work out just fine because God is with me. He is my strength. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Rely on Him alone. Thank you Lord👆

Well, that is all for now. YAY. Wonder what the next half has in stored for me? EXCITING! ❤❤❤ #Positive #trustinginGodstiming  This is it pancit!😁  The future is now. Til’  my next blog post!

All the love & hope. xx 👄


Shoutout to my Mama who reminded me to blog again! 😁


Fashion Post: Silver and Studs

DSC_0492 DSC_0503 DSC_0506 DSC_0530 DSC_0533 DSC_0538

Hey everyone! I am back with a new post. It’s my not so busy day today so I squeezed in these raw photos of my OOTD from the other month. We shot these photos at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon thus the strong exposure. (Sorry not an expert in adjusting  the camera settings with the natural light here :p) But it came out okay, I think, because this batch is not edited. (Except for the watermark) Yaaay. As much as possible I don’t want to edit  the photos because I want it to look just natural 😀

Anyway,  I want to share with you a glimpse of what’s going on with my life right now:

1. I’m busy like cray cray.

2. I’m overwhelmed

I guess I can finally say that the name “Supershannen”  is applicable to what is happening in my life right now because these days, I’ve been practicing time management.  There’s a looooot of things that I’m balancing. But I’m not complaining because these are all blessings, favor, and opportunities from God. Everyday is a blessing for me and I’m thankful even for the smallest thing. I just want to acknowledge God for everything He has done, His ways are simply amazing. Next is,  I’m overwhelmed, with the people around me who give out their love unexpectedly. I kind of realized how God loves me by sending people who  celebrate me despite of the failures I have done in the past. I believe God is opening a new season for me. And I have so much to be grateful for. I’m finally free ❤


Shannen  ❤

Fashion Post x Life Diaries: Wearing A Neon Blazer


Hiiiiii ❤

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning so I’m gonna start writing this blog post while listening  to some songs. It’s my free day today and I choose to be productive first thing in the morning 🙂 So as you can see what I’m wearing here is really a bright one that when I first saw this hanging in the store, I was having second thoughts on purchasing it or not. So I didn’t… But days passed and I find myself in the store again. I tried to fit this piece and it was like tailor-made for me. I was having doubts because of the color actually, but it’s a piece I couldn’t resist. (I should start investing on more formal pieces now, since that’s where I’m headed to.) So I went out of the store satisfied, with a smile on my face 🙂

To connect it with my life… (Yes, I’m the type of person who does not really open up about my personal matters since I’m more of a private person) I want to talk about decisions, because right now I’m in a stage of my life where decisions are crucial and must be considered. Well, to be honest I just want to savor every moment of it, and appreciate the things I have and the people around me that love me. I know that God has greater plans for me than I have for myself so I should just obey Him, wait and trust in His promises. I’m saying this because I don’t want to over think of how things should be. All my life I’ve been really eager to know on what I’d become.. which is a good thing… but I can’t do that forever. I just wanna pause and smell the flowers for a while.  So let’s live for today because it’s a present, hope for good things and dream for tomorrow ❤

That’s all for now, I hope I encouraged you somehow 🙂


Shannen ❤

DSC_0342 DSC_0348 DSC_0323 DSC_0355 DSC_0341

Travel Diaries x Life Diaries: 3 Islands in 20 Days

I have been really uber busy busy busy these past few weeks. That’s why I only got the free time to blog now. It’s a sunny/windy Saturday morning  and I think it’s a good time to share with all of you what had happened to me in 3 Islands these past 20 days.

O C T O B E R  27 – 29

“9th Western Visayas Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Mid Year Convention

I attended this convention in Cebu along with my classmates held in Alta Cebu Resort & Convention Center where we stayed there for 3 days.  (I  sort of told you already about the story behind this event before it happened in my previous post.) They had various activities like Survivor Cebu, pageants,  and Quiz Bees. Aside from the convention, we also had a little tour the 2nd day (4 of us kinda sneaked out. hahaha) We visited the some malls to buy souvenirs, a historic symbol: The Magellan’s Cross and the oldest street in the Philippines which is Colon…I really had a great time hanging with my classmates there. We are currently graduating students and we thought it’s time for us to grip the bonds that were already formed, tighter.



Day 1DSC_7504

Sto. Nino Church. A part of it was destroyed by the recent earthquake.

Magellan’s Cross


Alta CebuDSC_7740

Me and my friends


The whole troop

N O V E M B E R 3 – 6


After a matter of  3 days of staying in for halloween. Resting at home conditioned my body for another trip at the beach with my family. We’ve always wanted to go on a vacation, we  are living a fast paced life because of school, work, and extra curricular activities and sometimes it’s best if we retreat even if it’s only a short period of time.

We stayed at a hotel in Iloilo City overnight and rode the bus at 3 am bound to Boracay. We traveled land for 6 hours before we finally arrived to paradise.

DAY 1DSC_7806What welcomed us in the port. Music.

Our first meal, when we got there. Lunch at I-forgot-the-name-of-the-place. some grilling place? hihiDSC_7889My favorite photo of the whole trip.
DSC_7908Me and my momma.
DSC_7910Me and little sister.

A shot I took of her. DSC_7919

Sister and mommy all cuddly.DSC_7932

Candid shot.


My favorite jump shot.DSC_8030

At Villa de Oro for dinner.

Loving the colors.

DAY 2DSC_8085

My sweet parents 🙂DSC_8103

The only family picture we took, since there was no one who could take the pic. We resorted to timer. haha.DSC_8128


We went snorkeling as part of our main activities that day. It costs about P1800 for 4 to 10 people and you already get to snorkel, and tour the island.DSC_8163

We also went to  Nami Resort later that afternoon. It’s about a 10 minute ride from Station 2 where we stayed , just to tour around and have cold treats since it was blazing hoooot that day. 
DSC_8199 DSC_8237

DSC_8338Lastly, we headed to a restaurant called Red Coconut for our last dinner there. We had pizza and chicken. One memorable thing about this trip was… while we were waiting for our food to be served, there was an acoustic band there and my mom decided to let my sister sing in front of the whole foreign guests. And so she did! They applauded her! proud sissy here 🙂

I’d like to acknowledge Travel Online for making this trip as easy as 1,2,3! They were very accommodating. I highly recommend 🙂

N O V E M B E R 13 – 14

“Iloilo City” 

Barely two days ago, I was at Iloilo city again for a Network Development Seminar.  It was already kinda tiring because I haven’t had much sleep but I learned a lot! I’m thankful to God for always exposing me to these career opportunities even though I’m still young.  Our speaker was Ms. Paola Buted where her topic was about personal leadership &  self-mastery. She is like a second mom to me. She is really an effective speaker. Thank You Camella for this fun seminar & to my parents also for being able to bring me here 🙂

I did not bring my SLR camera this time becuase I was too lazy. haha. So here are the only pictures I took all of them are in my IG account 🙂


While waiting for us to board on the ferry.


Seminar day 2

I ate Mango Panna Cotta at Nothing But Desserts located at Smallville 🙂1452444_10202619505758445_295672858_n

Outfit shot.

1471812_10202611869767550_715737208_nDinner at Ramboy’s along with the delegates.

So there you have it!

I just want to THANK YOU LORD so so  so much! because of all that is happening in my life right now. I might be tired physically but i’m not complaining. These opportunities comes only once and we have to grab it if we can. words cannot express how grateful I am 🙂


Shannen  ❤

Fashion Post: Houndstooth-ish

Hey everybody!

It’s been two weeks since our Semestral break started and I am still getting the hang of it. So many things have happened! and will still happen, which I am going to tell you.

              I told you that I was going to Cebu, a few weeks back but a fortuitous event took place. An earthquake. And so, it was postponed.  The advantage of the postponed event is, I was able to stay just in time for Masskara Festival which was a good thing! because I was able to witness my dad and their school’s participation of the giant puppets and also get to  hang with my friends 🙂 But the disadvantage was, the supposed trip was rescheduled at the same date me and my family are going to also have a vacation. So what am I gonna do now? Well, all problems have solutions. Thank God! it was resolved! My mom re-booked our family trip and my own little trip will definitely push through. I’ll be leaving later! 🙂

The week after, one blogger friend, Jade contacted me and if we could meet-up so she could feature me in her website which is and I said yes! We had a wonderful time chatting talking about blogging and bloggers. I’m just blogging for fun and someone came to recognize it. I feel so happy and blessed!  Thank you Lord for this wonderful opportunity! 🙂

Check her blog here:

Check my feature here:

Anyway,  before I leave, I’m just gonna share with you these photos we took after the Festivities. For my top,  I am wearing a Printed Hounds tooth Dress which I paired with a Black Skater Skirt and Black Pumps.  Wearing this feels like vintage to me 🙂










A henna tattoo.

Well, this is probably the longest post i have ever written.  hihi.

I hope you like it!

Just leave me a comment below 🙂


Shannen ❤