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It’s my first post this year! and guess what.. I’ve stayed true to my word! That I’m going to be one committed blogger 😀 Why? because I’ve been taking outfit shots relentlessly. And I’m taking it one step at a time. Shout out to my photographer 🙂 (and again better late than never. Woop!)

I’ve also dared to try on different styles these days. It is becoming minimal but it is becoming more of my taste; not trying to be or following anyone else. And so, I wore this last year’s color of the year… this year. (WHUT) Marsala, maroon, burgundy or whatever you call it. Petite girls like me don’t usually wear long dresses thinking that they’ll look even more shorter. But I dared & tried because my lifestyle says so. I’ve been living fast paced these days that thinking what to wear and what to pair just kills my time and I have no time for that. And so, I had to plan in advance. This option is just good to go. Sticking to my fashion goal also made me wear this, “THE-TRYING-OUT-SOMETHING-NEW” Kind of goal.

I hope I’ll be a better blogger this year and continue with what I’ve started because I’m trying my best for now 😀 heeeeeheeee. One thing I also need to remember is to not forget to write down a topic of what I want to write about whenever it popped into my mind. (Because that always happens and then I forget -___-)

Anyway, thank you for reading this post. I pray we all stick to our goals and stay true to ourselves this year.

The hopeful one,

Xoxo, Shannen ❤