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It’s my first post this year! and guess what.. I’ve stayed true to my word! That I’m going to be one committed blogger 😀 Why? because I’ve been taking outfit shots relentlessly. And I’m taking it one step at a time. Shout out to my photographer 🙂 (and again better late than never. Woop!)

I’ve also dared to try on different styles these days. It is becoming minimal but it is becoming more of my taste; not trying to be or following anyone else. And so, I wore this last year’s color of the year… this year. (WHUT) Marsala, maroon, burgundy or whatever you call it. Petite girls like me don’t usually wear long dresses thinking that they’ll look even more shorter. But I dared & tried because my lifestyle says so. I’ve been living fast paced these days that thinking what to wear and what to pair just kills my time and I have no time for that. And so, I had to plan in advance. This option is just good to go. Sticking to my fashion goal also made me wear this, “THE-TRYING-OUT-SOMETHING-NEW” Kind of goal.

I hope I’ll be a better blogger this year and continue with what I’ve started because I’m trying my best for now 😀 heeeeeheeee. One thing I also need to remember is to not forget to write down a topic of what I want to write about whenever it popped into my mind. (Because that always happens and then I forget -___-)

Anyway, thank you for reading this post. I pray we all stick to our goals and stay true to ourselves this year.

The hopeful one,

Xoxo, Shannen ❤


Fashion Post: A Teal Blue Mullet

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Hey everyone!

Here is another “senti” post that i’ll be sharing with you today. Well,  lately I’ve been… I’ve been losing sleep dreaming about the things… Just kidding! It’s not that. In fact I slept for 12 hrs straight last night. HA! It’s just some realization that I have been thinking about over and over again these past few days. It’s  MOVING ON ONE STEP CLOSER AT A TIME. You only have one body, one soul, and one mind and you can’t do everything at once. We have to allow ourselves to breathe sometimes, PAUSE… so that we don’t rush into things that we’re supposed to do. Yes, this life can only get busier as it can get. But if we don’t stop, then we could miss a lot of things also. You know the saying, You’ll miss the moon while counting the stars? and a verse in the Bible that says… There’s a time for everything?  These are the only ones I could think of right now. But I couldn’t agree more.

I probably am saying these things to myself right now. HAHAHA.  Because I want to do so much in life that I don’t know if everything I plan for myself is what the Lord’s will for me also. I believe that I must seek Him harder. Yes, that’s the key to unlocking the things he has planned very well for you.

Til’ my next post.



Fashion Post: Green Is In

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So I told you in my previous post that I was gonna tell you about the story of my hair, and to tell you honestly, there’s really no story behind it. HAHAHA. Well, my hair had two layers. The long one and the medium length cut. I was always mistaken as having a short one when in fact the longer ones were at the back. (Am I getting the point here. LOL)  And “people” told me that I would look better on short hair. SO THIS IS IT. I trimmed down the longer ones. It took me 3 hrs. to think it over ya know. The advantage of cutting is that I got rid of the split-ends, my ends were so dry. But now I think it does look a bit healthier already. So what do you think? Is it a yay? or nay?

Anyway, moving on to this post. What I really like about my “outfit of the day” are the new green shooesies. I thought that I had to make an effort to do my resolutions, which is to improve my outfits and color schemes and I came up with this.  I paired it with a trio colored, studded peplum top and black ankle pants.  I chose to wear it because it has a pinch of green to match it with. So far, this is one of my favorite outfit. Simple yet stunning and classy.

What do you think?


Shannen ❤

Fashion Post: Salmon Pink Dress

I sooooo love! this dress from Japan that my mom’s friend gave her and handed it over to me. I love dresses in this style because I seldom see a dress in this fabric which has long sleeves. I mostly see the sleeveless ones. Or is it just me? 🙂

I also love it because of it’s color, Salmon Pink. I think this color is trending. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll notice that lately I’ve  been wearing bright colored clothes. And this one is surely an addition to my collection! 🙂



Well, I hope you noticed my background, Isn’t it lovely? Bright yellow colored pillars? hihi.  Every time we shoot ( I mean me & my sister) we always think of the LOCATION. And this is one of the places we’ve always wanted to shoot our outfits so we went here on purpose! 🙂

The only sad part is,  it got so dark and gloomy just 5 mins. when we got here so we did not really get the chance to abuse the place? HAHA 😀 but it’s okay, we can always come back if we have the time.  ( It’s just 10 mins. away from our home anyway)




DSC_6458I paired this dress with my gold heel less shoesies because I wanted it to look subtle and added a few accessories. I think Salmon Pink is the color which is one of the hardest for me to pair shoes with because you have limited choices and you don’t want to look tacky pairing it with another contrasting color. Right? Anyway, I hope you like this outfit. 🙂

Leave me a comment below.


Shannen ♥

Fashion Post: Pink Flowers

Hello everyone!


There’s a lot of posts queued up in my drafts right now . I just don’t know what outfit  I’d write about first.  Anyway, this is what came in to my mind.

An over-sized pink and black top with flower prints,  black pants and open toe shoesies 🙂

I love over sized tops, it’s like my statement now because for me, (that is sometimes too lazy to dress up)  they come in handy.











DSC_6356I also love this beaded necklace ( from my momma :D) that looks like prints on my top that came out. hahahaha.

So what do you think of this look?

Leave a comment 🙂


Shannen ♥