Life x Travel Diaries: 2017 – YEAR OF MY FIRSTS 😜❤


Fast forward to exactly 8 months after my previous post, I find myself in the middle of the earth, staying in on a Thursday night in my room, Sunset Lover playing in the background and just beginning to write again. To those wondering what happened well it is a long story but to make it short I am now overseas chasing my dreams.(Well, what are my dreams?) which will also be the reason why there will be no OOTD shots in this post. because I have not taken any! LOL 😎

Well, we’re already on the 2nd half of 2017 which I can also call my Year of Breakthrough and I have soooooo many firsts this year but  I’m telling you the major ones.


1. Travel outside the country with the family. ❤✈👪 (which deserves a separate post)

It was heck of a fun, eye opening, tiring but a memorable trip! 1 life tip, make sure to at least travel with your family. Nothing beats the experience! Trust me, you will become even more closer, get to know and love them even more. It doesn’t have to be try hard and well planned just go with the flow, have fun, learn the culture, detoxify and renew your energy.  Make the most of the bond with your family because these are the things in life we need to treasure most. It can just be pocket friendly also. Now, Where to next, Fam?

2. Travel solo. 🌏🏰(which deserves a separate post, again)

Mixed emotions rushed through my veins knowing that I will be traveling alone. Well, you gotta have tons of courage and guts to do that. I didn’t know how I pulled that off knowing that I was not able to condition myself to go to a country where no one knows my name. (chos), not knowing where to go, not even the language. (My nose bled because of the language barrier, what is Hello in Russian again?)   All I knew is that I had plane tickets and a hotel. I stayed in Armenia for a week, it’s a pretty cool place to learn history. I really enjoyed my me time there eating Armenian food and going to unique places. Thank God I made it back safely. 😁

3. Currently LDR 👫

The boyfie was sh😲cked by the time he knew I was gonna stay. Sorrrry, even I didn’t know we were gonna end up miles away. But if you’re in a healthy relationship there’s just no room for negativity and anxiety to grow. I don’t really put weight on the term because when you’re together, you’re together. Faith, trust, loyalty are present virtues but when God is the foundation you have no doubts. (Kasi kung mahal mo, bakit mo sasaktan? HAHAHA jk) It’s just that I’ve gotten used to him being there most of the time. You take that away and you could just wish teleportation was real. Anyway, thanks to the boyfie for ALWAYS supporting every small or drastic life decisions I make even if it means compromise, even if it means distance. Just know that your effort is appreciated. And, This won’t be long, right? 😉

4. Experience SNOOOW 🗻❄⛄

The hot weather where I am now makes me dream of the majestic snowy alps of Armenia once again. I miss the cold. Ugh. And the snow? it did not disappoint at all. It’s just like the movies. Speaking of which, We had a dog named Snow, I miss her too.

5. Living Independently 👧

Aaaaaaaaaah, the most undeniably, realest thing happening in my life right now. It is my first time to be away from home and everyone I know, cook for myself, talk to a stranger, enjoy solo rides, do laundry and groceries, make friends with other nationalities, explore hidden cafe spots.  And all these experiences helped me to get to know myself even more and what I want that sometimes I feel like actually living up to my blog’s name. It’s true what they say to live outside your comfort zone, easy to say hard to do. Because being outside your bubble is not glorious most of the time, so you strive, you grow, you learn and you prioritize and take care of yourself, and depend on God. At this time, I am still a bit uneasy but I know things will work out just fine because God is with me. He is my strength. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Rely on Him alone. Thank you Lord👆

Well, that is all for now. YAY. Wonder what the next half has in stored for me? EXCITING! ❤❤❤ #Positive #trustinginGodstiming  This is it pancit!😁  The future is now. Til’  my next blog post!

All the love & hope. xx 👄


Shoutout to my Mama who reminded me to blog again! 😁


Fashion Post: Attitude of Gratitude

dsc_2537 dsc_2600 dsc_2604 dsc_2523 dsc_2606 dsc_2636 dsc_2533 dsc_2538

Ermmm. Hi everyone 🙂

How’s the blogging world? Well I’ve literally been living in my world these days. Of course, running freely to my heart’s extent. So these photos I posted are kinda taken months ago to where I had the time (still wishing I could squeeze in the time though)  to shoot in broad daylight and the weather is cooperating.

In this post, I just wanna thank the Lord for all the goodness He has done and will always  pour out upon us all the days of our lives. I cannot thank and express in words how grateful for I am for having Him in my life. Through good and bad times the Lord has always been putting it up with us.  Even though I have not been faithful to Him sometimes, but He is. I know that no matter what happens God will always show up because He never left in the first place. So, He deserves all the glory & adoration. You are so faithful and beautiful in all your ways Lord, Thank you. #grateful #inspired #Godislove ♡♡♡♡

“I will sing of all You’ve done
I’ll remember how far You carried me
From beginning until the end
You are faithful, faithful to the endThere wasn’t a day
That You weren’t by my side
There wasn’t a day
That You let me fall
All of my life
Your love has been true
All of my life
I will worship You”

P.S Also wanna thank the boyf for these shots. Mehe. #supportive 😉


IMG_4736 IMG_4727 IMG_4732 IMG_4725 IMG_4731 IMG_4726 IMG_4742

This word is one of the most common, intangible, and fragile when we speak of relationships in which I am not only referring to being partners but to family, friends, siblings, loved ones, and even to strangers. So I share this post as an open letter for my 23 yr. old self and a prayer with my personal Savior, Jesus Christ ❤

This song, it hit right in the feels.


Hillsong Young & Free – Youth Revival 

When it doesn’t go my way
I know that it is not the end
I’m trusting you have better plans
I haven’t even dreamt of yet

I know that You are for me
When everything’s against me
I put all my hope in You

Jesus I will trust You
I will trust you
I know you never fail
I will trust you
Jesus I will
Jesus I will

I don’t know how the story ends
But I know that You finished it
I’ll close my eyes and just let go
And fall into my only Hope

There’s safety in the falling
When I surrender fully
I put all my hope in You

The only thing I know
Is God you’re in control
In every little detail
You are close
I’ll never be alone
Here in the unknown
The power of Your Presence
Fills my soul

Now everything I know
Is God you’re in control
In every little detail
You are close
I’ll never be alone
Here in the unknown
The power of Your Presence
Fills my soul

Listen to the track here.

We can only trust if we have faith and believe. I hope we all find the courage to pursue trust even thought the things ahead are vague.

Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Galatians 6:9 – And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Thank you Jesus, I trust in you.

Enough said.


Shannen ❤


DSC_2108 DSC_2142 DSC_2109 DSC_2247 DSC_2130 DSC_2190 DSC_2116 DSC_2106 DSC_2163 DSC_2248 DSC_2239 DSC_2156


It’s my first post this year! and guess what.. I’ve stayed true to my word! That I’m going to be one committed blogger 😀 Why? because I’ve been taking outfit shots relentlessly. And I’m taking it one step at a time. Shout out to my photographer 🙂 (and again better late than never. Woop!)

I’ve also dared to try on different styles these days. It is becoming minimal but it is becoming more of my taste; not trying to be or following anyone else. And so, I wore this last year’s color of the year… this year. (WHUT) Marsala, maroon, burgundy or whatever you call it. Petite girls like me don’t usually wear long dresses thinking that they’ll look even more shorter. But I dared & tried because my lifestyle says so. I’ve been living fast paced these days that thinking what to wear and what to pair just kills my time and I have no time for that. And so, I had to plan in advance. This option is just good to go. Sticking to my fashion goal also made me wear this, “THE-TRYING-OUT-SOMETHING-NEW” Kind of goal.

I hope I’ll be a better blogger this year and continue with what I’ve started because I’m trying my best for now 😀 heeeeeheeee. One thing I also need to remember is to not forget to write down a topic of what I want to write about whenever it popped into my mind. (Because that always happens and then I forget -___-)

Anyway, thank you for reading this post. I pray we all stick to our goals and stay true to ourselves this year.

The hopeful one,

Xoxo, Shannen ❤